eid project
Iftari food packet
Alhamdulillah in Ramdan N M Foundation distributed Iftari food packet
Iftari food Packet
Blankets Distributed
N M Foundation distributed blankets in West Bengal,India
Khanqah Masjid
Alhmadulillah Naqshbandi Mujaddedi Foundation rebuilding Masjid
Prayer Hall
Khanqah Masjid
Khanqah Masjid
Jum'a Masjid
Rebuilding Jum'a Masjid in West Bengal,India
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                                                   Assalamu Alaikum

In the West Bengal, India, some Masajid in poor condition require urgent attention. Please help and Donate rebuilding Masajid

Need of Rebuilding Masjid
see in photo Urgent Appeal to Ummah Please donte for Masjid Project
Need to Rebuilding Masjid
in West Bengal,India,here need to rebuilding Masjid
Urgent Need of rebuilding
Masajid in very poor condition Urgent need of rebuilding Please donate Lillah
Need of rebuilding
Need of rebuilding Masjid
Maktab need of rebuilding
Please donate Lillah money for Masajid and Maktab
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